Managing large amounts of inventory in a warehouse setting requires inventory control software to complete the task efficiently and accurately. Particularly as online orders, business, and automation continue to grow, it is important that today’s warehouse be an integrated part of the supply chain. This means, for many warehouses, that they require inventory control software that can keep up with fast paced transactions, increase inventory accuracy, and make warehouse management more efficient overall.

Enter Accellos, a HighJump product – warehouse management software that is designed to help your warehouse processes improve in efficiency and accuracy while keeping your growth plan and your budget in mind. From EDI processing to inventory management, Accellos does it all and lets you grow your warehousing operation by providing the tools you so desperately need.

Integration With Your Existing Accounting Systems

Accellos is not just inventory software. It’s inventory and warehouse software that integrates with your existing systems to help bring your warehouse operations into the automated world of today. Instead of requiring you to overhaul your entire accounting system, we understand that you need to keep the components that work for you already. Accellos meshes seamlessly with many of today’s accounting programs, allowing you to more readily process invoices, receipts, and other forms of billing that must be completed accurately and quickly.
Accellos can also be used with EDI, or electronic data interchange. This computer-to-computer communication protocol allows for speedy and efficient communication between programs without the slow down and potential clerical errors involved with employee-based data entry. With EDI, orders are immediately processed and sent to the correct employees, bills can be automatically generated and sent and even paid, and receivables are processed instantly.

Inventory Control Software That Improves Accuracy

Accellos users typically boast of higher inventory accuracy and a reduction of up to 85% less inventory loss. Item replenishment rates and accuracy can increase up to 99% and warehouse goods are more easily organized, put away, retrieved, and packed. With Accellos, all of the relevant employees are apprised of order needs and changes instantly, putting your warehouse manager on the same page with your inventory haulers. Even your clients can be involved, with web portals that allow them to see where their orders fall in the packing and shipping process.

With Accellos, you gain the ability to manage orders and shipments throughout your warehouse system, whether you are a manufacturer with a distribution facility or a third party transportation company that coordinates multiple loads. Inventory control software from Accellos can help your warehouse operation grow and thrive.