Electronic Data Interchange and Logistics

Having electronic data interchange software can mean the difference between being able to expand your business to deal with big box retailers and not reaching your full market potential. With Accellos, a HighJump product, you can have the premier third party logistics and supply chain solution to enable you to bring your systems into EDI compliance, without the nightmare of having to take it on in-house as a new core competency.

The goal of warehouse management software is to make sure that you can focus on the things which matter most – your business and your customers. Either standalone or as part of such a software suite, EDI is a data communications system which helps communication of data and compliance requirements between the client, the vendor, and the distributor flow smoothly.

How can electronic data interchange help you?

EDI is a data transaction  system that speeds up important logistics processes in the supply chain. To give a simple example, without EDI, moving inventory used to require a buyer to create a purchase order, print it out, and mail it to the supplier, who would then manually enter it into their shipping system. The order would then be printed out again, this time as an invoice, and shipped with the material. EDI speeds up this process tremendously. A buyer’s purchase order now gets transmitted directly to the supplier over an electronic network. The supplier receives the order automatically – and could even ship the item the same day the order is sent. The supplier can send an advanced shipment notification before the items arrive, and even send an invoice directly to the buyer’s accounts payable system. Thus, the supplier could receive payment that much more quickly.

Nowadays, big box retailers will only work with companies that have an electronic data interchange system in place – and with good reason. Given the volume of goods they move, everything they track in their inventory systems must comply with a plethora of requirements. This means that if you want to do business with them, the data about your inventory must be formatted correctly and transmitted on-time and in compliance with those requirements.

This is not something you can easily achieve with ordinary warehouse software. It is likely not something you want to take on by yourself, as it would require growing and maintaining an IT department with a focus on EDI compliance – not just for one big box retailer, but all trading partners you choose to deal with, as they all maintain extensive and unique  requirements.

Accellos, a HighJump product, offers logistics/supply chain solutions that allow you to stay focused on your true core competency: running your business. Our EDI solutions will most likely run on the hardware and internet-based connections you already possess. If you participate in any step of the supply chain, let us show you what our electronic data interchange system can do for your business.

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