The only software built to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP, EDI solutions with AccellosOne, a HighJump product, allow your employees to efficiently use electronic data interchange without having to be software experts. EDI, or electronic data interchange, is a newer, faster way for businesses to trade information and streamline transactions. All of the largest retailers require their vendors to use EDI to do business with them.

Whether you have been using electronic data interchange for years and are simply looking to simplify and upgrade processing, or you are new to the data exchange market, AccellosOne provides seamless and simple integration into existing Dynamics GP platforms. This allows for fast and efficient processing of sales orders and purchase orders, without slowdowns from manual data entry and completion. With Dynamics GP EDI solutions from AccellosOne, your employees can get to order processing quickly and without having to learn complex new systems to comply with electronic data transfer protocols.

The Familiar and Comfortable Interface of Dynamics GP, EDI Efficiency

If your employees are already familiar with the interface of Dynamics GP and their existing warehouse management software, then there is no need to worry. AccellosOne integrates seamlessly with your existing program, providing EDI protocols that allow for quick electronic transfer of data between yourself and your clients and partners.

With over twenty five unique document integrations, AccellosOne will keep order processing moving at lightning speeds without your employees having to take the time to process paperwork and enter data. Instead, orders will be transmitted straight through the system, providing up to the moment billing, shipping, and receiving data. Your employees do not need to learn a new set of codes or new computer skills, and can continue using the Dynamics GP interface while the software does all the work. AccellosOne is optimized for Dynamics GP and built by GP experts, so you can count on the integration and functionality of the programs to keep your business growing.

Scalable to Suit Your Needs

Unlike some warehouse software, AccellosOne is completely scalable to the needs of your business. Whether you need turnkey options to get started right away with simple order processing, or a more complex and layered set of solutions, AccellosOne can be integrated with the functionality you need right from the start. On-boarding new trade partners, communicating with your off-site warehouse, sorting by exception – whatever the function, AccellosOne can provide.

Best of all, as your business grows, so can your software. Even if you start with just a few trading partners, you can add unlimited trading partners and additional EDI functions later. To take Dynamics GP EDI processing to the next level, contact Accellos today.