If you are in the supply chain industry, you may be wondering what the best warehouse management system is for your warehouse operations. Warehouse management is a difficult task, requiring many employees to be in constant communication, with the needs of numerous clients kept in mind. Warehouse management software can help streamline this process, prevent inventory loss, and improve employee efficiency and consistency.

But what software makes for the best warehouse management system? Accellos, a HighJump product, is the most customizable and effective software. Its powerful tools can help you manage your inventory and warehouse resources. Accellos is completely customizable to your warehouse needs, whether you are a direct manufacturer looking to expand into transporting your own products or a third party shipper that needs better management and control over the goods for multiple clients. With Accellos, you can expect better warehouse communication, reduced inventory loss, and an overall increase in your system’s accuracy and efficiency.

The Best Warehouse Management System Gives You the Tools You Need

What works for one transportation company doesn’t always fit the bill for the next one. You need to be able to access powerful, flexible modules and tools that work for your company to address areas of critical need. With Accellos, we don’t offer a one-sized program with lots of features and solutions that you do not require. Instead, our consultants work with you to identify your areas of need and concern, and offer a customized software solution to address those areas.

Warehouse software from Accellos means that you get to decide which areas are a priority for improvement, and which are already functioning well. Accellos’ modularity allows you to start small and within your budget, and expand your software needs later. Server-based and onsite options give you power and expansion opportunity, while cloud-based options provide easy access and quick set up for truly critical areas. With Accellos, you decide what works for your improvement and growth plan, and we help build the software you need.

Inventory Accuracy Increases

Accellos users typically see an 80% to 85% reduction in inventory loss, increasing overall order accuracy, goods placement and picking, and fewer directed putaway and picking issues. Furthermore, your employees can now consistently remain in communication with varied access levels that give the inventory crew the information they need to retrieve and store product, while your warehouse manager can see more order details to ensure all operations continue smoothly. Powerful tools make Accellos a top of the line choice for the best warehouse management system available today.