If you are responsible for a supply chain or warehousing company, you may be wondering what makes the best supply chain software? There are two vital components if you are looking for software to help keep your company growing and your supply chain moving.
Flexibility is the first key to a successful software installation. You need software that allows you to access the tools you require and software that can provide multiple solutions without breaking your budget or your growth plan. The ability to integrate into your existing systems is part of this flexibility.

Secondly, successful warehouse management software should also give you the power to transform your warehouse operations. You need software that offers proven results, powerful tools, and an actual ability to improve upon your existing processes instead of just digitizing information. With Accellos, a HighJump product, you gain access to a flexible program with proven results for the best supply chain software on the market.

Proven Results From the Best Supply Chain Software

Accellos has years of experience in the warehouse management business and knows what tools you need to streamline and optimize your warehouse processes. Accellos remains one of the most frequently chosen and versatile programs on the market, giving you powerful tools that allow you to organize and improve warehouse function.

Different access levels allow for all employees to see information on orders, while single point data entry minimizes clerical errors and increases employees’ efficiency by disseminating the information you need for your orders to all vital points in the warehouse process. Inventory modules allow for accurate and efficient placement of incoming product and faster picking and packing of outgoing loads.

Accellos customers typically see an 80% to 85% reduction in inventory loss. All of this adds up to more orders being processed more efficiently and more quickly, sometimes up to doubling our clients’ turn around level.

Warehouse Software Built For Your Needs

Accellos’ legendary flexibility lets you customize your software to meet your needs. With modular design, we offer consultation to meet your areas of critical weakness or your plans for growth. Instead of relying on a pre-packaged solution, you design the software solutions and modules that you need to make your warehousing operation grow and thrive.

Choose from server side installs or go with more flexible and easy to access cloud-based options. This powerful installation option means that you get to keep an eye on your bottom line, your budget and time table, and your growth plan. For the best supply chain software on the market today, contact Accellos now.