A barcode inventory system, once a cutting edge feature in warehouse management, is now considered a standard and integral part of any warehouse management software suite. Barcodes are often standardized by major manufacturers for their goods, and being able to incorporate this into your existing warehouse system allows you to increase efficiency and accuracy in your warehouse.

With the right barcoding software, you can not only accept and use the barcodes from major manufacturers, but also institute your own barcoding system. A quick scan will then allow your employees access to all of the information they need. But what software works well?

Accellos, a HighJump product, is specifically designed for warehouse management needs. With Accellos as your barcode inventory system, you get access to easy bar coding tools, inventory management tools, and warehouse software that lets you streamline the entire warehousing process.

Integrate Client Requirements and Needs With Your Warehouse System

With Accellos, you get the ability to integrate your clients’ needs and specifications with your existing warehouse system. Bar coding tools allow you to use existing manufacturer barcodes or generate your own for ease of use. With barcodes attached, your employees can easily scan goods and shipments for information critical to the correct processing of orders.

Many major manufacturers even require the use of their barcodes in warehousing and shipping to help ensure accuracy and efficient order processing. We have the industry experience to know that you need powerful barcode tools to keep your warehouse working properly. A simple scan can let employees from the warehouse manager to the dock worker know what client specifications need to be met, what packing requirements need to be completed, and any specific information necessary for the preparation of each client order.

Whether you are receiving a shipment and need proper storage information to be disseminated or you are shipping out a palette of goods, Accellos lets you distribute information with a quick barcode scan.

Increase Inventory Accuracy With a Barcode Inventory System Scaled to You

Bar coding can drastically increase overall inventory accuracy, letting your employees accurately store and pick goods with fewer errors and fewer misplaced cartons. Accellos lets you scale your inventory needs to your existing warehouse, choosing the software components you need to increase inventory accuracy without trying to shove your business into a one-size-fits-all mold. With Accellos, you work with our consultants to determine your areas of critical need and find the software solutions to fix those areas. For the best barcode inventory system available, contact Accellos today.