Asset tracking is an important part of warehouse management and, particularly as your business grows, it can become a nightmare of paperwork and organization. With the right software, however, you get easy tracking for the inventory and shipments in your warehouse, without having to rely on outdated methods of paperwork, phone calls, and white boards.

With Accellos, a HighJump product, you get access to software that lets you easily manage and run your warehouse with software that fits and suits your needs. Warehouse management software from Accellos can help you get your warehouse inventory under control, identified, and easily labeled for better access from your employees, all while streamlining the shipping process. Powerful software tools let you complete asset tracking with ease, instead of wasting hundreds of employee hours and a large amount of money to keep your warehouse working and growing.

Integrated Barcodes Make Asset Tracking a Breeze

Whether you need to use your suppliers’ or clients’ bar coding system, or have your own, Accellos can integrate barcodes easily into software processing. With this ability, each incoming shipment can be scanned and placed accurately, minimizing inventory loss and reducing the time needed to barcode each shipment yourself.

Bar coding makes putting together an order easier than ever as well. One quick scan gives your warehouse staff updated transportation information, packing specifics, and location specifics, letting you reduce the work load for your warehouse staff and increase overall accuracy. In warehouse management, efficiency and accuracy are the key to keeping clients happy, and with Accellos warehouse software, that task has never been simpler.

Client Specific Information and Consistent Application

The power of Accellos lies in the ability to streamline important shipping and receiving information for all of your employees. Single point data entry ensures fewer clerical errors, while all of your employees can access the necessary information to receive, ship, and process orders. With increased inventory accuracy and client information, each order can be prepared quickly and with the client’s needs in mind.

Whether you are dealing with clients that need specific sets of shipping instructions for each pallet, or a client that has particular loading instructions to minimize disruption in their own warehouse, Accellos can let you disseminate that information to your staff as needed. Eliminate multiple paperwork forms and even set access levels for managers in order to ensure that everyone in your warehouse has the information they need to excel at their job. Best of all, Accellos lets you scale your software to your needs and pick the features critical to upgrading your operation. For the best in asset tracking, contact Accellos today.