Asset tracking software can improve client satisfaction and inventory accuracy, improving your overall bottom line. In warehouse management, client satisfaction and accuracy are the two main components that make your business work. If clients aren’t happy, they can find another shipper and storage solution for their goods. If accuracy is not high enough, your satisfaction ratings will drop. No matter how much space you offer, how many storage solutions you can provide, and how many workers you have, the components of client satisfaction and accuracy are necessary to making your business thrive and grow.

Enter Accellos, a HighJump product, with warehouse management software that lets you improve client satisfaction and warehouse accuracy and efficiency with ease. With asset tracking software from Accellos, you get the ability to streamline your entire warehouse operation in the ways that you identify as critical to operations.

Increase Accuracy and Efficiency With Warehouse Software

Your software for your warehouse needs to, above all, increase the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations. With Accellos, you can eliminate redundancies in information by introducing a single-point data entry system that disseminates information throughout the employee chain. Set levels of access so that your warehouse managers know all the details, while loading workers can still accurately find the right storage section and packing information they need. With single point data entry, clerical errors are reduced, while efficiency skyrockets with quick and easy information dissemination.

Accellos is also specifically suited to the needs of multiple client warehouse operations. Set shipping and storage parameters for each of your clients to minimize errors. Increase inventory accuracy. Ensure that each arriving and departing shipment is handled within the specifications your clients set. Accellos lets you manage all of the goods in storage with ease, whether you are a single client warehouse system or a third-party shipping manager.

Scalable Asset Tracking Software That Fits Your Business Model

There is nothing worse in shipping than being told you need modules and software programs that you don’t need. Instead of wasting time training employees to use software tools that you don’t need, Accellos software is scalable to your business needs. With onsite and cloud solutions, you can pick your commitment level, pick the components you require, and focus on areas of critical growth rather than trying to fit your company into a one-size-fits-all software system.

Accellos understands that your small- or medium-sized warehouse operation needs powerful tools – but it may not need all of them, or all of them at once. Our consultants stand ready to help you choose the asset tracking software you need to improve your business function.