Asset management in your warehouse may seem anything but simple. Multiple orders being processed at multiple times, different client requirements, different storage needs, and the ever-changing requirements that clients place on their orders can make managing your warehouse a nightmare.

Enter AccellosOne, A Highjump product, to bring organization and streamlined management to your warehousing operation. With AccellosOne, you get powerful warehouse management software tools, scalable to your business and easy to integrate into your existing software systems. AccellosOne features the tracking, data management, and easy connection to your accounting systems that you need to keep your warehouse, your staff, and your clients all on the same page. With AccellosOne, asset management can become an integrated part of the inventory and warehousing process with a few simple clicks.

Warehouse Software That Fits Your Needs

AccellosOne is not a one-size-fits-all product. With decades of experience in warehouse management and the transportation industry, Accellos knows that even smaller businesses need the tools that transportation powerhouses already have access to. Without good warehouse management, your shipping and storage falter, and your customer satisfaction drops.

Affording those big-budget systems, however, can be impossible for some small model businesses. That’s why AccellosOne is scalable to your needs. You can select only the features and the tools that will get your business running smoothly, and our software engineers will consult with you on installation and customization options. Whether you need a system that can manage the multiple requirements of very different clients, or a system that lets your staff have graduated levels of access, AccellosOne can offer you the tools you need without layering on added expenses and modules that will simply clutter your costs and your system.

Powerful Asset Management Tools Let You Customize the Warehouse Process

One client needs refrigeration for their goods, and another needs combined pallet shipments. With AccellosOne, you can keep both of them happy by establishing warehousing and transportation requirements for each client and each shipment, all viewable by your management staff and your warehouse employees. Eliminate the old days of white boards, triplicate forms, and harried phone calls; replace these outdated tools with single-point data entry that updates all of the staff that needs to know at once.

Best of all, AccellosOne easily integrates with your accounting system to streamline invoicing and purchase orders with each received task. Even your clients can be kept in the loop with online tracking that eliminates the strain of order updates on your call center. With AccellosOne, you get the tools you need to individually and efficiently handle the asset management for each of your clients.