If you are a third party transportation company, then you know that asset management software is necessary to keep your warehouse operations working smoothly and efficiently. Not all warehouse software is created equal, however. You need tools to let your employees communicate easily and regularly. You need an online interface that keeps your clients in the loop. You need software that lets you determine and set specific requirements for the variety of clientele you work with.

Finally, you need all of this in a format you can afford, and that fits your business model and budget without having to overhaul your entire computer and software system. Enter AccellosOne, a HighJump product. It is asset management software that lets you fill all of these needs to get your warehouse operation running smoothly.

EDI Capability in Your Asset Management Software

One of the snags that many warehouse management operations run into is the lost time between load delivery, payment, and in sending and receiving communications with your clients. Since the speed of order processing relies on the speed of communication, AccellosOne offers several communications tools to make managing assets and clients easier than ever before.

Electronic data interchange lets orders and paperwork be processed instantly, without the data and clerical entry needed even to email invoices. Established codes allow computers to talk directly to one another to process an order – a feature that many clients are now demanding of their warehouse services. AccellosOne is EDI capable and offers a host of non-EDI features that can further streamline and improve communication. With AccellosOne warehouse management software, your clients can use an easy-to-access web interface to check order status and take the burden off your call center.

Lower Personnel Costs and Increase Productivity

Quick and accurate communication is the hallmark to a well-run warehouse, especially for third party providers. AccellosOne offers single data point entry, eliminating clerical errors and ensuring that your employees get accurate and up-to-date information for each incoming and outgoing order. With easy to see pick and place locations, identifiable client needs and special requests, and lightening fast information distribution, AccellosOne keeps your employees in the loop. Save overhead and employee costs by keeping your staffing rates down and efficiency up, so that each order is processed without needing extraneous employees.

Even when your clients have different needs and different requests, AccellosOne can keep up with their demands with clarity and ease of access. With AccellosOne asset management software, your operations can optimize efficiency and productivity to take your third party warehousing operation to the next level.