If you are a third party logistics shipping and warehouse business, you know that 3rd party warehouse management has special needs that not just any software will address. In fact, most warehouse management software just gets in the way in a third party logistics situation. A 3PL warehouse simply has more needs, and needs that are different from those of a standard shipping warehouse.

Fortunately, there’s AccellosOne Enterprise, designed specifically for third party warehousing situations. Unlike traditional warehouse software, AccellosOne Enterprise, a Highjump product, is specifically designed to address the needs of a multi-client, dry and temperature-controlled warehouse situation. Don’t rely on retrofit software that won’t do the job and won’t meet all of the demands that a supply chain expert puts on software systems – instead, increase efficiency and productivity with 3rd party warehouse management software designed specifically for the task.

Moving Beyond the Single Source Handler

The needs of a distributor or single source handler are not simple, with the need to send specific and accurate inventory and goods, receive product, and manage client orders in a timely manner. Take all of this, however, and multiply it by numerous clients, and you start to get an inkling of what third party warehouse logistics is like. Each client has specific customer needs, inventory needs, and shipping needs, and without a powerful organizational tool, these requirements can quickly get muddled.

Warehouse software like AccellosOne Enterprise, a HighJump product, is specifically designed for 3PL warehouse situations and lets you manage the needs and requirements of each client individually. For each client you have, you can create parameters to handle their supply chain the way that they require. Climate-controlled goods need to go in one part of the warehouse? No problem. One client need expedited shipping for specific orders? Easy. Instead of trying to make a software system function for multiple clients when it was intended for single-source shipping, let AccellosOne help you manage the complex needs of your customers.

3rd Party Warehouse Management That Keeps Your Warehouse Moving Smoothly

Another complication to third party logistics warehouses is the sheer amount of inventory and shipping movement that takes place. AccellosOne management software lets you manage cross-dock shipping, inventory locations, inventory amounts, and even employee tasks with ease. Increase inventory awareness and correct counts to ensure that the right items are picked and shipped or repackaged. Make sure that your employees have clear tasks with clear directions and know where inventory is located with automated barcoding and updated employee directives. With AccellosOne, you get to control it all with 3rd party warehouse management software designed by the 3PL experts.