Most companies don’t know how to really take advantage of their 3PL WMS. That’s because they either don’t really understand it, or they’re stuck in an outmoded way of thinking about what is possible with computers in the modern age. Some are even stubbornly clinging to their older methods, which undoubtedly work well, but may not be the best system any more. That’s why when you’re looking for WMS (warehouse management software), you need to understand how to best use what’s available to you in that system.

What a 3PL WMS Can Really Do

There are a number of tasks that are expected of any warehouse software, but a high quality 3PL WMS like Accellos, a HighJump product, can do so much more than simply keeping track of what comes into the warehouse or goes out again.

For example, modern 3PLs allow you to not only know what is in the warehouse, but where it is as well. This can provide a number of benefits, not the least of which is the ability to more quickly retrieve orders than in the old system, where staff would often have to search high and low for a particular pallet.

The natural result of this is that you will need fewer employees than you did previously, since finding and loading is as simple as looking up the information and finding out where the system has the item in question. This also means that less stock must be moved to get at one particular thing, reducing the chance of damage.

In many ways, Accellos is designed to nearly eliminate human error, making it easier to scan barcodes and trace shipments with as little room for mistakes as possible.

Loss Reduction

More than anything, warehouse software should be designed to help reduce the incidences of loss of inventory. In a large space through which hundreds or thousands of shipments travel per day, it is very easy to lose things. That’s why third party logistics providers have focused on trying to avoid loss.

Some of the methods listed above are for that exact purpose, such as using a highly sophisticated barcoding system and assigning locations for all stock so that it can be found quickly by your staff. More than that, though, is the ability to quickly get details of every shipment so that you know what you are dealing with and how to best store it for easy retrieval later on.

If you can provide quick, accurate, and safe service, you’ll have a successful warehouse and contribute to the further success of everyone down the supply chain. It’s because they want to take advantage of these great systems that so many businesses are switching to high quality 3PL WMS like Accellos.