If you own a 3pl warehousing operation, or third party shipping operation, you know that your warehousing needs are not the same as a storage facility or direct shipping transportation company. Managing the needs of multiple clients, multiple loads, and various client requirements can be an impossibly complicated task, particularly if you are still transitioning from outdated software or communications tools. White boards, triplicate forms, phone calls – even email – are no longer efficient enough in today’s fast-paced shipping world.

You need warehouse management software to help you get a handle on the demands of third party transportation. Enter AccellosOne, a HighJump product, specifically designed for the transportation industry. With powerful tools tailored to the needs of a 3pl warehousing operation, AccellosOne can help you keep your warehousing operation running smoothly, with minimal strain to your staff and your clients.

3pl Warehousing Means Managing Numerous Clients Efficiently

The largest demand placed on third party shippers is managing the warehouse needs of numerous clients efficiently and effectively. Lost inventory, misplaced loads, mismanaged loads, and missed client specifications can limit the productivity of a third party warehouse system. Software tools can help with these issues, but many transportation software systems are simply not designed to handle the specific needs of numerous clients.

With AccellosOne, you can set parameters for all of your clients and all of their goods. Whether they need refrigeration, careful handling, or hazard precautions, their loads get labeled and stored correctly, picked and packed correctly, and sent on their way. Single point data entry allows your staff to enter the needs for each client or shipment, and for that information to go to the entire staff. Everyone from your warehouse manager to the loading dock crew can get updates with AccellosOne warehouse software.

Scale Our Software to Your Needs

If you need to hit critical systems for load management or dispatch, our consultants can help. Instead of demanding you purchase a one-sized-fits all solution, our experts work with you to determine the critical areas of need in your company. Whether you are a new third party shipper or an old hand at the business, we can offer solutions to your pressing transportation problems.

Choose the components you require and the format you want – from a dedicated server-based system installed on site, to cloud solutions that keep your employees focused on shipping instead of software. With AccellosOne, you get sophisticated, powerful, and flexible 3pl warehousing software without the budget-breaking hassle of a one-sized solution.