More and more companies are using 3pl warehouse software in order to get the most out of their distribution services. That’s because it is becoming clear that third party logistics, the managing of supply chains by outside agents through scalable systems, is a fantastic way to both save money and improve the functionality of your warehouses. There are a number of ways that embracing this type of system, especially with Accellos, a HighJump product, can help you reduce problems and increase service for a smaller financial outlay.

Organizing with 3PL Warehouse Software

At its core, 3pl warehouse software is about organization. It makes it easier to track, store, and retrieve the stock that you have in your warehouses, while reducing the number of people that you need in order to accomplish basic business tasks.

For example, a product like Accellos is capable of tracking items as they enter the warehouse and placing them in the most efficient location so that you can be sure to get the most out of the space that you have. Moreover, by knowing exactly where everything is, it becomes possible to find things easily and reduce potential damage because you won’t have to move things around as much.

By finding ways to reduce the capacity for human error, it also makes deliveries much more accurate, leading to fewer customer complaints. By merely increasing the organization of the location, our warehouse management software can also reduce the need for additional labor, since every task becomes that much simpler and quicker to do.

Finally, the right kind of warehouse software can improve the transfer process from warehouse to showroom by employing a number of techniques that make it that much easier to prepare for moving and getting things to store shelves.

Increased Accuracy

The advantage of these new organizational systems is, ultimately, increased accuracy. As a warehouse you are judged almost entirely by your ability to take in items and send them to new locations quickly and correctly, so anything that can help you do that, while also reducing the overhead caused by additional labor, will reflect well on your company.

It’s even better when you can interface with the retail side POS system so that they can better serve their customers, and you can focus on getting stock where it needs to be.

Accellos can do all of this and more. That’s because the developers have done extensive research on what warehouses need, and tried to meet those demands as closely as possible.

If you’re considering 3pl warehouse software, you can’t go wrong with Accellos.