Improve Performance With a 3PL System

We can help you improve company efficiency and save money with a custom 3PL System. Third party logistics (3PL) doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive if you put your trust in a reputable company, such as Accellos. Our experienced team will consult with you and your leadership team to determine your warehouse software requirements. As no two situations are exactly the same, a canned software program can’t be expected to meet all of your needs. When you work with us, a custom solution is available to you.

Accellos, a HighJump product, is a global leader among third party logistics providers. Our leadership team boasts over sixty years of experience in the supply chain software market. We specialize in designing warehouse management software for complex warehouse operations for small to mid-sized businesses. We have been helping our customers save money for their company and for their clients. Our clients frequently experience a record 99% inventory accuracy, cutting inventory loss on average by 80-85%.

From the initial scheduling of an inbound delivery being routed to the warehouse, the tracking begins, and continues until the product or materials have left the premises. Precise tracking and storing will prevent errors from the beginning. Since part of our services include optimizing your warehouse configuration, you will more easily be able to accommodate multiple clients in a single environment, increasing volume without adding to your personnel costs.

Your Accellos 3PL system will give you a precise financial tracking solution, down to the penny. You can also monitor employee and customer performance, review areas for productivity improvement, and make changes in your workforce requirements accordingly. The software can even be programmed to ensure any special demands or requirements for the products or materials are met.

Your Custom 3PL System

Since your custom system by Accellos will be built using Microsoft.Net and Silverlight technologies, you will find it familiar and easy to navigate. As your needs change, your system can change with you. Additionally, we design our systems to minimize ongoing maintenance requirements, keeping you running smoothly at all times.

Your Accellos system will enable you to generate productivity and financial reports at any time for your own purposes or for your customers. Your customer satisfaction rates are sure to skyrocket, as over 4000 Accellos customers worldwide have already discovered.

We provide your business with an affordable, cost effective solution to enhance and grow your company. Get started today by allowing our team to consult on how we can save you and your customers time and money with a custom 3PL system from Accellos.