3PL Software Solutions to Manage Your Supply Chain

If you are in need of 3PL software that can work seamlessly with your business, then you are in luck! AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL, a HighJump product, is the future of supply chain technology. It is a powerful platform driving the solution suite required to fulfill the current and future needs of your business. It is designed to help you grow your business without growing out of your 3PL warehouse management software.

AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL: The 3PL Software

AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL is a full-featured environment focused on the supply chain and driving broad opportunities for supply chain management and automation. It is a warehouse software solution that is simple and supportable, yet powerful and unified. It is built on best-practice functionality designed by subject matter experts. It is much more self-aware, with fewer layers to install, deploy and configure. It also offers common user experiences and capabilities driving value to the bottom line through increased adoption and ease of use. Most of all, it is extensible, and you can leverage the tailoring features of the warehouse software to drive meaningful improvements to both the user experience and the underlying workflow design of the system.

The AccellosOne platform is a modern technology architecture based on Microsoft technology. The platform is scalable, yet simple to maintain for businesses with a small IT staff. It is a cloud-ready platform, allowing the majority of Accellos products to be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Accellos: a HighJump product

Our leadership has over sixty years of experience in the supply chain software market, and has run successful companies that have experienced significant growth alongside highly innovative and entrepreneurial cultures. Accellos was formed with the idea of opening up the software options for logistics service providers. We have a core focus on these industry sectors, and have developed a comprehensive suite of products that are widely used in trucking companies, 3PLs and small and medium-sized distribution companies.

We will deliver valuable products that solve real-world problems in a cost effective manner. Our solutions are built on a solid technological foundation that will ensure the longevity of your investment. Our 3PL software is flexible, dependable and capable to meet your most stringent logistical demands and needs.

AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL: The Time is Now

We offer a knowledgeable consultation staff that is able to discuss your business needs and recommend a software solution that is right for you. If you are ready to turn chaos and confusion into organization and efficiency, now is the time to consider Accellos One as your 3PL software solution. Contact us today!