3pl management has requirements that are different from those of direct shipping warehousing and transportation. When you must manage the needs and requirements of numerous clients, track multiple loads of various types, and often accommodate warehousing needs that vary from client to client and load to load, your warehousing requirements are simply more complex than a standard warehouse direct shipping company.

Warehouse management software is not always designed to meet the needs of third party shippers and transportation companies. With AccellosOne, a HighJump product, you get access to third party warehousing and shipping management software that can be specifically tailored to the needs of third party shippers. With customizable software scaled to your business, there’s no reason to leave your 3pl management in the Dark Ages when you can make your entire operation more automated and more efficient.

3pl Management That Keeps Track of Client Needs

With AccellosOne warehouse software you get powerful tools to manage client specifications efficiently. Single data point entry eliminates and reduces clerical errors that can lead to erroneously packed and placed loads. Meanwhile, each client can be given their own profile to specify storage and transportation needs for various types of goods. Need to mark one palette for refrigeration while another can be combined into a multiple load trip? No problem.

Load shifts and changes are no longer an issue when one order update goes to all the necessary members of your staff, from the warehouse manager to the loading dock crew. AccellosOne puts the power to manage loads in your hands, and vastly reduces paperwork and phone calls that eat up employee time and productivity. Manage loads with a few clicks of a button to maximize cargo space, easily handle partial loads, and adjust for last minute changes.

Best of all, your clients can even access load information so they remain up to date on the shipping process and stop hassling your customer service agents for shipping updates. Keeping track of multiple needs for multiple clients has never been easier.

EDI Protocol Ready

Increasingly, the standard in shipping is the EDI – or electronic data interchange – protocol. AccellosOne comes ready to tackle this frontier of business transactions, letting you establish EDI codes to readily and quickly communicate with your major clients, and keep invoicing and accounting moving faster than ever. With AccellosOne, you work with our experienced consultants to establish your software needs and tackle your most critical problems. Scalable to your business model and budget, we’ll help you set up the 3pl management software you need to keep your business moving.