Private Fleet

We don’t have to tell you about the challenges that come with operating a supplier-owned fleet.  Each day you are responsible for making sure sales goals are met by getting your company to the MANY points of sale!  You need functionality for multi-mode movements, load optimization, cross docking and powerful reporting capabilities for senior management.   Accellos recognizes these needs, as well as the needs of other companies in the transportation industry; we believe that companies like yours deserve software that will enable you to manage the pressure of operating all aspects of business.

Accellos developed the supply suite AccellosOne.  The transportation solutions are known as the ProphesySeries which are flexible and easy to integrate.  Prophesy helps you manage multi-modal, load and route optimizations, cross docking and so much more.  By leveraging Prophesy software you can quickly negotiate the supply chain confidently.

The ProphesySeries was developed to empower the transportation company.  To the right are the AccellosOne and ProphesySeries solutions that aim to improve your profit margins.  While you continue to research our solutions don’t forget to download a case study or whitepaper to see how AccellosOne performs in the real world.  There are several options on every page to contact a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.  Learn more about our TMS solution for Private Fleets by clicking here.