Prophesy can help you manage every part of your growing trucking operation. Your critical information flows in real time throughout every part of your business.

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The industry-preferred fuel tax calculation software solution that will give you a precise overview of your truck fleet activity and current tax liability for each state and province you drive through.

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Planning & Compliance
Planning & Compliance


Planning & Compliance

Rest assured that your trucking company or private fleet will never miss a beat!

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Online Mileage
Online Mileage


Online Mileage

Prophesy webMiler, the most powerful commercial mileage & routing website on the Internet.

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Trusted and Preferred

More For-Hire truckload and LTL carriers, truck brokers, and private fleets use a Prophesy Trucking Software Solution than any other brand on the market today!


  • Never Enter Data Twice: With Prophesy, your critical information flows in real-time, throughout every part of your business
  • Stay Current & Compliant:  Prophesy Trucking Software keeps your company one step ahead of industry rules & regulations
  • Seamless Accounting: Our gold-standard integrations to QuickBooks Accounting, Sage 500, Microsoft Dynamics, and more ensure that your billing cycles stay short and efficient
  • Simplify Communication: Keep drivers, dispatchers and your customers up to date with automatic communication features
  • Prophesy TMS acts as the hub of your fleet management solution. Learn more »

More information about Accellos TMS solutions

Transportation Management System (WMs)

For more than 20 years the Prophesy Transportation Software name has represented quality, reliability and affordability for the trucking industry. Prophesy freight management software products offer reliable control over daily trucking operations, yet are easy for growing trucking companies to implement, integrate and afford. This approach allows our users to build upon their total fleet management solution as their needs grow.

Warehouse Management

AccellosOne Warehouse Management System acts as the hub of your supply chain solution, integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, Crystal Reports software, radio frequency and barcode hardware, and warehouse automation equipment.

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Supply Chain Intelligence

 AccellosOne Pulse is a Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) management tool that permits business systems to generate an enterprise-level view of warehouse operations.  By leveraging Pulse’s extensible dashboards you gain insight into fundamental indicators that are necessary in your business with a rich presentation layer including charts, graphs, data grids, reports and more.

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Dock Door Scheduling

AccellosOne Schedule provides a set of tools to help you cost effectively move from a manual appointment system to an automated one.  Its web-centric design allows you to quickly and easily book an appointment based around customizable business rules for each facility and door.  The schedule can also be shared with  both internal users, external partners and customers.

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Document Management

AccellosOne Image converts paper documents into searchable digital files allowing you to quickly retrieve the document or image for which you are looking, eliminating the risk of misfiling or destroying documents. Additionally, you can relate other documents or files to one another so users get the entire picture.

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Shipment Visibility

AccellosOne SkyTrack allows you to keep up to date with current shipment status, last known positions, and ETA of parcel, TL, and LTL shipments. Customers can enter new freight orders and link probills together into orders and accept rates returned.  

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Screen Design

Screen Designer gives you the ability to program your hand held scanners to capture the data you need to manage inventory and execute picking tasks accurately and efficiently.

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Warehouse Management in the Cloud

AccellosOne Cloud WMS delivers best‐of‐breed warehouse management capability of Accellos One WMS in a software as a service (SaaS) model utilizing enterprise cloud technology.  Accellos handles all the underlying infrastructure maintenance to ensure system availability and removes this burden from your team.  This shift in IT focus will open your organization up for greater business agility in other areas.

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WMS Lite for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Built specifically for companies running Microsoft Dynamics GP, AccellosOne Collect for Dynamics GP enables distributors and manufacturers to automate their warehouse processes, while providing the tools to effectively keep track of your inventory in real-time.  

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Manufacturing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Built specifically for companies running Microsoft Dynamics GP, AccellosOne Collect for Dynamics GP enables manufacturers to automate their warehouse processes, while providing the tools to effectively keep track of your inventory in real-time.  AccellosOne Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP supports paperless picking of components and validates raw materials picked, automating the manufacturing process and integrates with Horizons, Vicinity and GP Manufacturing.

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Warehouse Management for 3PL

AccellosOne WMS for 3PL allows you to control the user environment so that managing customer's inventory is accurate and repeatable.  By providing tools that allow our customers to control the user experience on either the RF gun or PC, the system automatically ensures that operators comply with the service level agreements with your customers.

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Shipping & Parcel Shipping

AccellosOne Ship is a multi-carrier shipping system designed to help you reduce your shipping costs, improve your shipment reliability, track every shipment and maintain valuable key performance metrics.  AccellosOne Ship allows you to maximize cost savings by comparing parcel shipping rates side by side of carriers like FedEx®, UPS®, USPS®, LTL, and supported regional carriers.

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Transportation Optimization

 AccellosOne Optimize enables 3PL’s, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers to maximize the effectiveness of their freight spend.  It combines load building optimization, scheduling, and routing decision support to produce loads and routes that balance profitability and customer requirements.

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