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Your business runs on SAP Business One (SAP B1).  Business One is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and was built to bring people and systems together to run more efficiently.  SAP and Accellos share several key focuses when it comes to a vision of providing solutions to businesses.  That vision is this: improve efficiency for a stronger bottom line, focus on growing your business, facilitate smarter and faster decision, increase return on investment, and be flexible to adjust for growth.

The Accellos supply chain suite for SAP B1 is the only choice for a growing small to mid-sized business, which includes, warehouse management solutions, transportation solutions and EDI.  No two businesses are the same therefore Accellos solutions are built to be feature rich, which allows a high level of flexibility and scalability without modifications.  Accellos products allow multiple deployment options such as, on-premise or as a software as a service (SaaS) model utilizing enterprise cloud technology.

AccellosOne Warehouse Management System fully integrates to SAP Business One. Because of the strong integration, most users cannot tell the difference between the two systems, which helps to lower training time. With the combination of SAP Business One and AccellosOne WMS, users will dramatically improve accuracy, process orders faster, and improve customer satisfaction.

 Accellos Products for SAP Business One users:

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