Sage 500 (MAS 500)

Your business runs on Sage 500 (formerly MAS 500).  Sage 500 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that was built to bring people and their systems together and run more efficiently.   As you know, Sage 500 is designed to meet the needs of the most progressive businesses and runs virtually every business function at peak efficiency.  Cutting edge businesses like your require supply chain software that can keep up with your investment in ERP solution. 

Accellos develops supply chain solutions for businesses that are on the cutting edge and deserve robust software solutions.  The foundation of Accellos’ supply chain suite, AccellosOne, is returning ROI by improving customer’s efficiency and accuracy.  Accellos leverages our seamless integration to Sage 500 ERP to pull purchase order and sales order information from your ERP into the WMS in real time, eliminating the need for double data entry.

AccellosOne Warehouse was built to empower and automate your warehouse. One of the most significant costs in the warehouse is labor.  Utilizing automation to leverage conveyers, carousels, picking automation, or order allocation could reduce your labor cost greatly and increase your ROI! 

While you continue to investigate the solid relationship between Sage and Accellos, and the solutions available to you, don’t forget to download a case study or whitepaper to see how AccellosOne performs in the real world.  Each page has options to contact a knowledgeable consultant if you have any questions.

Key Functions:

  • Customize your solution to fit your business needs
  • Flexible and scalable to accommodate business growth
  • Compete globally

Accellos Products for Sage 500 ERP users: