Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Built in EDI compliance, warehouse process optimization, efficient GS1 (UCC) labeling, bar code validation, and multi-carrier parcel shipping all seamlessly integrated with SOP, POP, and IC.

  •  The AccellosOne solution suite features:

    • SOP auto-invoicing
    • GP manufacturing support
    • Extensibility of GP SOP, POP, and IC forms to include warehouse specific data
    • Integrated EDI into SOP including a the world’s largest library of trading partner compliance labels and data exchanges
    • Business intelligence including 75 pre-built KPIs
    • Windows workflow foundation and .net architecture to empower user extensibility
    • Use of product dimensions and weight to optionally pre-calculate carton quantity and size on outbound orders (cartonization)
    • Integrated UPS, FedEx, and other carrier specific labels into the outbound order fulfillment process
    • Automated EDI/ASN data collection as part of the outbound order fulfillment process
    • “Hands free” ASN communication with trading partner
    • Automated customer specific label and pack slip printing for EDI and drop ship customers
    • Enforced routing instructions for pre-paid and collect shipments
    • Efficient bar code enabled receiving processes
    • Directed putaway
    • Employee performance reporting
    • 20+ bar code supported picking styles for efficient outbound order processing
    • Integrated quality assurance


 Download the WMS Brochure

 Download the WMS Lite for GP Brochure

More information about Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Your business runs on Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Dynamics GP, is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and was built to bring people and their systems together to run more efficiently. With very little effort Dynamics GP can be implemented and quickly connects the various aspects of your business including accounting, human resources, customer service, even the warehouse!

Accellos has found that small to mid-sized businesses feel that “out of the box” Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to implement, making Dynamics GP a very common integration for Accellos.  As you have found, Dynamics GP is easy to implement and begin to use, AccellosOne is equally easy to implement and begin to use. 

AccellosOne Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP installs directly into your GP environment and provides additional functionality for automated barcode data collection (WMS Lite).  The integrated solution helps you collect information like your pick/pack/ship data, or inventory cycles, to give you better warehouse visibility.

The AccellosOne Warehouse integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP opens the flow of warehouse information into the rest of your business.   Accellos developed the AccellosOne environment with the user in mind.  Dynamics GP users can manage orders and the physical handling of goods in the warehouse accurately and efficiently.  Users have the ability to navigate between AccellosOne WMS and Dynamics GP seamlessly.   Follow the links for more information about how AccellosOne Collect for GP and AccellosOne EDI for GP work together to maximize efficiency, accuracy and ROI in your warehouse.  There are options on every page that will connect you to a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.

Accellos products for Microsoft Dynamics GP users: