Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

Your business runs on Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Dynamics AX is being adopted rapidly by businesses of all sizes.  While Dynamics AX is known for its robust financial management capability, many organizations seek additional supply chain execution and trading partner integration functionality.  In response to this demand, Accellos has developed version of it AccellosOne EDI and AccellosOne Warehouse Management System specifically designed to integrate with Microsoft Dyanmics AX.  This combination provides you robust financial management capability combined with best-of-breed supply chain management software specifically designed for the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMB).

Accellos integrates into Dynamics AX as a trading partner integration tool.  AccellosOne EDI for Microsoft Dynamics AX connects your warehouse management system to your retail trading partners seamlessly.

AccellosOne Warehouse for Microsoft Dynamics AX extends into an advanced warehouse management tool using RF (radio frequency) technology to optimize pick-pack and directed put-away. The XML SOAP interface allows users to work with real-time warehouse information from within Dynamics AX. 

AccellosOne Warehouse allows distribution centers with more complex warehousing and product distribution requirements to benefit from real-time visibility into their supply chain while improving operational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.  Follow the links for more information about how AccellosOne EDI for AX and AccellosOne Warehouse work together to maximize efficiency, accuracy and ROI in your warehouse.  There are options on each page to connect you to a knowledgeable consultant if you have any questions.

Accellos products for Microsoft Dynamics AX users: