Infor ERPs equip you with the tools you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions, without expensive customizations or long, drawn-out implementations. This similar development philosophy has led to a strong partnership between Infor and Accellos products. 

The Accellos supply chain suite for Infor is flexible, easy to implement and integrates with Infor ERPs.  The AccellosOne suite of solutions is built for flexibility and scalability, much like the Infor ERPs.  Accellos products implement quickly, and similar to Infor’s ERPs are virtually ready to go “out-of-the-box”.

Accellos’ versatility is the key to our success, and yours.  While you continue to investigate the solid relationship between Accellos and Infor and all the solutions available to you, don’t forget to download a case study or white paper.  There are options on every page to contact a knowledgeable consultant if you have questions.

Accellos Products for Infor users:

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