Built for 3PL Experts
Built for 3PL Experts

Built For 3PL


AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL, become part of the 3PL Elite.

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Warehouse Management

for 3PL

Streamline your warehouse and cold storage operations with a system built by 3PL experts for 3PL experts

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Customer Visibility
Customer Visibility

Self Service


Self-Service: web-based customer visibility for all of your clients

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Seamless communications with client systems.

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Cloud 3PL
Cloud 3PL

3PL in the


Hosted by Amazon cloud-managed services so you can focus on your business.

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Built by 3PL Experts, For 3PL Experts

56% of the Top 25 North American and 44% of the Global Top 25 refrigerated providers rely on AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Software.


  • Expertise: Built by 3PL experts for 3PL experts like you
  • Employee productivity: increase volumes and keep personnel costs low
  • Customer self-service: web-based visibility for all customers
  • Inventory accuracy: Over 99% and 80-85% less inventory loss
  • Billing flexibility: track every penny, everywhere  
  • EDI Capable
  • Customer visibility: precise, real-time inventory information
  • Our 3PL platform is designed specifically for complex 3PL warehouse operations. Learn More »

More information about Accellos 3PL solutions

3rd Party Logistics Supply Chain Management

Third Party Logistics, or 3PL, operations are increasingly complex and challenging.  As a 3PL, you are required to uphold quality, efficiency, and accuracy standards on a daily basis, with decreasing margins for value-added services with which to achieve.  Whether you run an ambient or temperature controlled warehouse, or multiple warehouses, your customers all expect a high level of service at lowest cost to them.

The everyday struggle for 3PLs is managing the expectations and requirements of customers while running an efficient business that maximizes revenue.  It’s complex enough to manage inventory, but add in labor management, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, direct to consumer or parcel shipping, load optimization, electronic data interchange capability, and even transportation, it becomes even more difficult to manage effectively.

A technology software solution that is built specifically for the needs of 3PLs like you is your ticket to success.  Typical warehouse management systems only manage the inventory on your floor, without regard to who owns it, handling instructions specific to a customer or product, and does not integrate with the variety of other tools you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Enter the Accellos 3PL team.  We are a team dedicated entirely to the requirements and complexities of 3PL operations like yours.  We have over 100 years of combined experience working with 3PLs in ambient or dry storage, cold or refrigerated providers, and from small 3PLs to large multinational Tier 1 companies.  Our software is built with the most cutting-edge technology, with workflows, inventory, billing, and attribute tracking based entirely on what our customers need to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Not only do we have a whole research and development team devoted to improving the software on a continual basis, but our customers participate in the product roadmap process based on their business needs.

We offer both hosted and cloud solutions, with our partner, the #1 Cloud Provider (rated by Gartner Group) Amazon Web Services (AWS).  We partner with a large family of technology providers to maximize your benefits from the system and allow you to deploy AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL anywhere on the globe.

We support over 600 facilities in 18 countries today, in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Mexico, Namibia, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, Trinidad, United States, and Venezuela to name a few.  With a Global Helpdesk with staff in Australia, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States, we offer close to 24/7 support.

We have earned numerous awards (check out our awards showroom here), and we had the honor of being one of Forbes’ Top 100 Most Promising Companies in 2014.


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