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Operating a supply chain has never been more complex and challenging.  Whether you are a transportation company, 3PL, manufacturer or distributor, your supply chain performance directly impacts your financial performance.  Often complexities like customer compliance, supporting new channels and ensuring perfect order execution can seem overwhelming. 

Accellos has developed a comprehensive set of solutions that simplify supply chain operations and ensure you can adhere to customer compliance programs.  And, unlike many other supply chain software solutions, Accellos solutions are designed specifically for you.  The solutions are design to fit the specific operational characteristics of your business and designed to work with your specific account or ERP package. 

“We do not have a big I.T. department and we did not want to be in a position to have to understand and maintain the code or to configure the features and capabilities of the solution ourselves. Accellos offered standard configurations that made it easier to differentiate between customers, which is critical in a third party logistics environment, as well as easily accessible support in case we needed assistance.”

General Manager, Commercial Cold Storage

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Microsoft Dynamics®

Regardless of which Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product you selected for your business, it is clear that you have invested in your success.  Your business is gathering information about accounting, human resources, and customer service to name a few.  However, if you operate a supply chain company you know the greatest opportunity is through those doors, in the warehouse.

SAP Business One

Your business runs on SAP Business One.  Business One was built to bring people and systems together to run more efficiently.  SAP and Accellos share several key focuses when it comes to a vision of providing solutions to businesses.  That vision is this: improve efficiency for a stronger bottom line, focus on growing your business, facilitate smarter and faster decision, increase return on investment, and be flexible to adjust for growth.


The Accellos 3PL products offer an integrated technology platform to address all the critical components of a multi-client 3PL operation.  With the Accellos 3PL platforms you can ensure client satisfaction by executing on client workflows flawlessly and giving your clients real-time access to their inventory and order information. Additionally, the integrated revenue assurance (billing) functionality ensures you maximize your revenue and streamline your billing processes.


Sage ERP software is designed to meet the basic needs of every mid-market company.  Sage develops solutions that are tailored to their customers’ industries.  It is this focus on tailoring solutions to specific industries that bring Accellos and Sage together.  Often Sage users find the need to augment their Sage ERP with best of breed supply chain execution capability.  To address this need, Accellos has integrated its robust AccellosOne platform to many of the Sage ERP products.


Infor ERPs equip you with the tools you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions, without expensive customizations or long, drawn-out implementations. This similar development philosophy has led to a strong partnership between Infor and Accellos products. 

Transportation Company

You are getting pressures from all sides including: rising fuel and maintenance costs, increased regulations, increased labor costs, and on top of all that price pressure from customers.  Accellos believes that transport companies, regardless of size, deserve software solutions that help manage the stressors of operating a transportation company.