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Managing critical product responsibilities with lot number and expiry date traceability


AccellosOne Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) helps your organization respond immediately and efficiently to product recalls with lot number and expiry date tracking, real-time visibility, inventory blocking, sales order management, customer care, allergen management and first-expired first-out product rotation.

Accurate lot number and expiry date tracking is important to many warehouses, but critical to customers in the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries, primarily due to product recall concerns.

AccellosOne WMS offers full traceability of lot numbers and expiry dates throughout a product’s life cycle in the warehouse, from the moment it is received into the warehouse through the time it is picked, packed, and shipped. AccellosOne WMS keeps a record of every lot number that was shipped to every customer, making it easy to identify who needs to be contacted in the rare case of a product recall.

Fortunately, few customers ever need to take advantage of AccellosOne WMS’s simple process for executing a product recall. However, there are still some important lot number and expiry date features built into the software to help with more common warehouse activities. AccellosOne WMS’s standard allocation algorithms ensure FEFO (First-Expired First-Out) product rotation and customers can even specify the “minimum number of days to expiry”, guaranteeing the freshest stock.

As allergies become more prevalent, some warehouses are moving towards “peanut free” buildings, where purchase orders are separated based on product. AccellosOne WMS’s putaway logic ensures that products designated for one warehouse cannot be received into the wrong facility.


In AccellosOne WMS, lot number and expiry date tracking starts at receiving and is maintained throughout a product’s life in the warehouse.


Real-time visibility is essential to handling product recalls in a timely and efficient manner. In a single product report, AccellosOne displays all critical information related to a specific lot number:

Where is the lot number in the warehouse?

Are there any outstanding sales orders for the lot number?

Has this lot number already been shipped to any customers?


The first step to executing a product recall is to prevent any further activity against the lot number. From the product report, all stock in the warehouse can be blocked in a single step, which prevents any additional operations against the lot number.



Additionally, all open sales orders can be suspended in a single step, preventing any additional processing.


Once the warehouse has been prevented from any further processing of the recalled lot number, the next step is to contact any customers who have already received this lot number and its supplier. A link at the top of the product report takes you directly into a list of customers (including contact information) and purchase orders on which the lot number was received.


For warehouses that handle allergens, AccellosOne WMS can force the receipt to a specific warehouse. For example, a purchase order can be designated to only be received in a “Peanut Free” warehouse. If a receiver attempts to receive the product to a different warehouse, the system will reject the receipt.


For expiry date tracked items, the system will allocate stock based on “FEFO” (First-Expired First-Out) sequence and customers can even specify the “minimum number of days to expiry”, guaranteeing the freshest stock.


With the stress caused by a product recall, the last thing a customer needs it to be fumbling through paper and historical reports to figure out where the product is and who may have already received it.

From a single report in AccellosOne WMS, product recalls can be executed accurately and efficiently. With a single click, all in process orders can be immediately suspended. With a second click, all stock can be blocked from any movement or other activity. Nothing in the warehouse moves once a recall situation has been identified.

Once the processing of the product has been stopped, AccellosOne WMS lets you access a historical report of every customer who received this lot number on an order-by-order basis, so you can immediately start the process of quickly contacting the customers.