Professional Services

Our professional service offerings range from analyses to system installation, implementation, support and education in Supply Chain Management and Project Management.


Accellos’ consulting services will evaluate how your current operations work today and will make recommendations as to how they may be reengineered to work more effectively in the future. Accellos has full-time consultants with years of experience in warehousing and distribution to help with all aspects of your distribution operations. We can assess a current operation and work with your staff to develop a new operation that represents the best fit between a new system and your operational requirements. Whether your questions are big or small, we can sort them out and establish priorities with your staff. Accellos will help provide you with practical advice on how to take full advantage of you system and how to further improve the way in which you do business.

Implementation Management

Accellos provides a full range of services for implementation of Accellos WMS, Accellos 3PL, Accellos TMS and Accellos Real Dispatch. With any implementation, Accellos’ Professional Services Group works together with our certified partners and your team to execute a successful implementation. Accellos covers all phases of the implementation process, from providing an initial consultation on your business, to setting up an implementation schedule, to getting your system up and running. There are a number of components to a successful implementation including the following:

Project Management
A major goal of every successful implementation is to complete the project on time and on budget. The project manager will lay out the project plan, schedule all hardware, software, and human resources, outline any dependencies, and ensure that all stages of the project are communicated effectively to the team. Your Accellos project manager is the primary link between our company and yours.

Change Management
A key point of our implementation methodology is a proactive approach that lets everyone across the entire organization know what to expect before the new system is installed.

Technical Knowledge
Our team’s knowledge of the software and the specialized hardware components of an installation (handheld terminals, access points, label printers) enables a smooth implementation process.

Business solutions can be ever so powerful, feature-packed and versatile, but in the end their effectiveness comes down to the people who use them. The more they know about a system, its capabilities and operation, the more effective the system will be on the job. We have the expertise and resources to implement the Accellos products you need and to train your team, in addition to offering you the tools to continue training your staff in the implemented processes and procedures.

Process Optimization
When your operations are not running efficiently, it may be difficult as well as dangerous to name the cause without performing a complete and accurate diagnosis of the larger picture.

 Accellos removes the risk by providing a single service that is designed to determine what you want to accomplish, not what you are doing wrong. Our diagnosis is done “from the floor up.” We start with your current operations and develop a practical, workable strategy to meet your targets.

  • Do you need to sharpen your competitive edge?
  • Are you looking for ways to increase employee satisfaction and customer service?
  • Have you made every effort at efficiency and still can’t meet bottom-line projections?

Accellos’ knowledge of the supply chain provides you with a unique opportunity for process improvement.  With our services, clients experience reduced costs, increased efficiencies and optimal performance including outstanding customer service. Accellos will work with you to:

  • Assess current performance
  • Improve your processes by maximizing assets, eliminating sources of errors, minimizing delays and unnecessary steps
  • Create and implement Best Practices
  • System Diagnosis

At Accellos, your success is our success!